HELP International:

Posted on April 9, 2011


“Fighting Poverty, Empowering People”

Education is a very empowering gift. HELP International works to educate those in 8 different countries. They have three main focus areas which are community education, entrepreneurship, and public health.

Public health participants work with local NGO’s, hospitals, and clinics to develop and support programs based on needs. Basic health classes are taught in disease prevention, nutrition, sanitation, and hygiene. More specifically participants are involved in hand washing initiatives, dengue prevention campaigns, assisting in hospitals and clinics, and work at an eyesight clinic aimed to save the sight of rural villagers.

TESTIMONIAL: Jordan Harris, Guatemala 2007 participant

“From my experience, I gained an understanding of my responsibility to serve because I can, because I have been blessed to have the resources to turn away from my and my family’s immediate needs and look outward. I never expected to gain such a pressing understanding of my need to serve. I never expected to meet people who were so much better than I am, who had so much to teach me of compassion, of self sacrifice and of hope. I feel that I was literally healed by the people of El Salvador as they changed my perspective and expectations.”

APPLY NOW: Travel, serve, and learn. Everyone can make a difference.