Rising Star Outreach:

Posted on April 10, 2011



Rising Star Outreach is an amazing organizing that helps leprosy colonies heal. Volunteers build communities, teach English, and work mobile health clinics. The main focus of Rising Start Outreach is to help the colonies become thriving and self sufficient.


1. Educate the colony children in a safe, healthy environment
2. Provide leprosy patients with their own small businesses using micro-finance
3. Address the unique health challenges of the colonies with mobile medical units.

Often times those with leprosy are isolated and experience much discrimination. Lepers find it difficult to marry, get a job, and receive education. About 100 million people worldwide face this stigma. Rising Star Outreach hopes to defeat this and provide Leprosy colonies with opportunities. 

VOLUNTEER IN INDIA: A letter from the organization

Often, people don’t even know exactly why  they feel compelled to come; they just know they are excited to serve.  It’s been interesting to discover how each volunteer is uniquely needed.  Sometimes we don’t even realize we have a need at Rising Star until the right person simply shows  up and takes care of it. If you have a desire to come volunteer, we feel strongly that you have something important to contribute. Our challenge to you is to find out what that is and give it completely.

Plan to work hard.  India is hot, sweaty, dirty, and hard.  We sincerely hope that at the end of your session you’ll be more exhausted than you’ve ever been in your life.  If you are, then we promise you’ll also be changed for the better in ways you can’t even imagine yet.

That’s the funny thing about our work.  You come expecting to help India- and you will, in many ways- but often the greater gift is what India gives back to you.  The more you are willing to give to this work, the more you’ll take home at the end.  Without doubt, there is something very unique about you that Rising Star needs right now.

Thanks to volunteers like you, the marginalized leprosy patients and their children are slowly starting to connect with the rest of society. It is a continuing miracle; an almost unbelievable thing to watch unfold. We have high hopes that our work will help end the curse of leprosy during this generation.  It has all happened, and continues to happen, because of volunteers like you.  As you serve, each one of you becomes a part of the story.  We’re so excited to get to know you.  And we’re so excited to see what your part in this story will be.With Love,
The Rising Star Outreach Team