My Dream:

My mom has worked with rape crisis and battered women shelters since I can remember. Her passion for helping these individuals spilled into everyone in my family. After my older brother returned from Mozambique we sat down and figured out our dream. His heart goes out to all of the woman and children in Mozambique who are stuck in homes with abusive husbands and fathers. They can’t escape this awful situation because they have no money and would starve to death if they left. We hope to one day provide the escape, to create an organization that gives them opportunities to work and earn money and start a new life for their families. In just a few weeks my older brother will be returning to Mozambique to further this dream. As progress is seen I will update for all those anxiously awaiting. Stayed tuned…

My family in Mozambique.

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  1. i like this tab because it personalizes the blog to your passion!

  2. Please continue your good work. GOD bless you.


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