HELP International:

April 9, 2011


“Fighting Poverty, Empowering People” Education is a very empowering gift. HELP International works to educate those in 8 different countries. They have three main focus areas which are community education, entrepreneurship, and public health. Public health participants work with local NGO’s, hospitals, and clinics to develop and support programs based on needs. Basic health classes […]

charity: water

March 31, 2011


Most of us have never had to worry about not having safe water to drink. We don’t have to walk miles every day to find a water source full of harmful bacteria or wait in line for hours to use a well. However, about 1 in 8 individuals don’t have access to this basic necessity […]

My Story

March 29, 2011


When my older brother left to serve a two year mission in Mozambique, I became more interested in the issues that third world countries face, more specifically relating to children and health. Quickly this passion grew and I wanted to travel, learn, and understand more so that one day I could effectively make a difference. […]